(where it all began, on a corner in Pomona)

(Peace Corpse ( during an arts fair in 1983) play in front of the Toxic Shock location on Locust St in the "Pomona "Mall")

(Decry as they began their slide into glam-punk territory, 1984?)

(another live in Pomona Peace Corpse photo)

(Ace Frehley pose with Sloppy Seconds members , Danny and Steve 1990)

(the late, great Richard "Dick" Hayes of the Hickoids, RIP)

(Pomona circa 1984, early Toxic Shock employee Bill Tuck, before his career in Pillsbury Hardcore)

(Pomona circa 1984, Toxic Shock Security Cats. Cream Puff, Ashby, and Bangers on the alert for perps)

(New Orleans, circa 1985, the ill-fated Toxic Shock storefront at 333 Burgundy in the French Quarter. Some bastard stole the custom made sign and we'd still like it back, asshole)

(Raw Power live in Goleta CA 1987. Photo thanks to Kent McClard)

(Giuseppe Codeluppi of Raw Power with Joey Ramone)

(Austin's legendary Hickoids captured in their prime 1988)

(Babe the Blue Ox in-store Tucson 1993)

(early Doo Rag performance Toxic Ranch in-store 1992)

(the Fells in-store with debut of Saylor on bass. The first "Amped" line-up 1993)

(Nope, not another crappy ska band, but the Smugglers from Canada)

(1994 in-store with Shoeface, featuring 2 former Pomona Toxic Shock crewmembers, Nathan Wilson and Bob Durkee)

(The Drags perform at Pizza City, Tucson 1993 photo: Dan Hoffman)

(the incomparable Supernova play Toxic Ranch late 1993 photo: Dan Hoffman)

(Jesus Acedo of Black Sun Ensemble fame at the Jodie Cosmo 7" release party Toxic Ranch 1994)

(John Husok Toxic Ranch-hand supreme and FUCT guitarist-genius circa 1995 in front of store. Photo: Iron City Jennifer)

(Rhythm Pigs live at Club Congress Summer 1994)

(Raw Power live at Club Congress Summer 1994)

(Feast Upon Cactus Thorns live at Club Congress Summer 1994)

(Tucson's Beergut cut a rug at the Ranch, Thanksgiving 1994)

(Scared of Chaka in-store 1995. Photo: Iron City Jennifer)

(Tucson's Otterpops rock the Ranch early 1995)

(Austin's infamous Fuckemos play Tucson's Luna Loca Cafe 1995)

(Raw Power's Alesandro Paolucci on top of Empire State Bldg NYC during a break in the 1998 Reptile House tour)

(Raw Power pause for a tour of the Patton tank museum in California desert between their LA and Tucson tour dates Summer 2000)

(Mexican Radio! Raw Power interview on Nogales AM radio, being tranlated from Spanish to English to Italian and back, Summer 2000)

(My friends Yasuhiro with Kenji and crew of Answer Record Shop Nagoya City Japan Oct 2000)

(Comet of Hardcore Kitchen Kobe Japan with Sassy, the jet-setter, Oct 2000)

(Th' Inbred pose in front of the Underground Railroad in Morgantown, West Virginia)