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SAD NEWS: Two of our dearest friends. Fred Janis and Derek Leveque of ZERO TOLERANCE TASK FORCE are no longer with us. They were involved in a fatal car accident in New Mexico about 2am Sunday July 27th 2003 while on tour. Fortunately, JJ survived and is back in Tucson. If you never had a chance to know Fred or Derrick, you are the loser. Fred was a unique Tucson punk icon and in the 13 years we've known him, he was the kindest, most unselfish person we've met. We will miss his sense of humor and his unmistakable laughter and of course, his music. Even if you think his band ZTTF sucked, Fred Janis embodied Tucson more than anyone I know. Face it, for many people this is a town of poverty, menial jobs, drug addiction and boredom. Zero Tolerance Task Force, in it's various incarnations with Fred at the helm made Tucson a more interesting place to live. For anyone who mocked his efforts or put down his band, you only made yourselves seem all that more insignificant and are undeserving of our respect. Anyone who took the time to know Fred and Derek will find their own lifes a little emptier now. I know ours will be. Even if you only caught one ZTTF show, you'll know what you'll miss in the future. No one can fill their shoes.

please, take care and drive safely!!
Bill and Julianna of Toxic Ranch records

RAW POWER were one of the first non-English European bands to make their mark by touring the USA incessantly during the 80's and 90's and as recently as 2001. They broke down doors and destroyed borders for many others to follow in their footsteps. Songs such as "Fuck Authority", "State Oppression" and "Burning the Factory" defined an attitude that many could identify with in spite of their citizenship.

In 2002, Raw Power went back into the studio to record yet another full length release. The new material was a celebration of the bands longevity, and the band decided to call it "Still Screaming After 20 Years". Shortly after the record was finished, on October 6, founding member Giuseppe Codeluppi suffered a fatal heart attack while playing soccer at home in Parma, Italy. Many thought the band would not recover from such a loss, but now they are more active than ever. There has been no replacement for Giuseppe, the bands leader. Now the band consists of 4 members, carrying on the name and the music and proving the words that Guiseppe wrote....."Raw Power WIll Never Die!!""

For more information on their history, discography and photos visit their web site :


Thank you for your time,
Bill Sassenberger
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1965 - 2001

Joey Ramone
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Bryan Gregory (The Cramps)
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Mark Hickey (Aggression)
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GG Allin
1956 - 1993

Mick Ronson (Spiders From Mars)
1946 - 1993

Dave Insurgent (Reagan Youth)
1964 - 1993

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