bobok-3 Billy Atwell "Ferret In a China Shop" solo from th'INBRED drummer and songwiter. Complex and progressive rock. LP only

TOX-20 DATURA SEEDS "Who Do You Want it to be?" Indianapolis hard-pop circa 1989 w.ex-ZERO BOY Paul Mahern. LP/cass
Click To Buy at iTunes        Who

TOX-17 DATURA SEEDS "S&P '69/D.A. Pop" MTV rejected the video for the A-side, naturally. Comes with non-LP B-side 7"45

WW-9 DOO RAG "Hussy Bowler" b/w "Grease and All" 7" 45
Yes, features the infamous BOB LOG III on guitar and Thermos Malling on cardboard beer box. Nice chipboard sleeve. 

Click To Buy at iTunes         Hussy

The DULL, "She's A Nuclear Bomb" Geza X produced minimalist punk from So Calif 1985 on Budget Ranch Records. Few left! 7"45
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The Dull


bobok-4 Jack Endino "Angle of Attack" Reknowned Sub Pop studio wizard (who produced Nirvana "Bleach" among several others),and SKIN YARD guitarist. Strange experimental rock influenced by the Groundhogs. CD includes 2 bonus songs cass/CD                                                                            


PS-3 FEAST UPON CACTUS THORNS "Beer Soaked/Third Fued" Tucson hardcore captured live in the studio for Peyote Stomp #3 radio session. B-side has a deconstructed Hendrix cover. wild! 7" 45

WW-12 FEAST UPON CACTUS THORNS s/t (untitled) Tucson's "precision" hardcore punks. Incredible musicianship with nods to Poison Idea, NoMeansNo and the Ventures.Sadly, long overlooked although a favorite Arizona band with sun-baked punk fanatics. Toured with Raw Power in '94. CD only 

Click To Buy at iTunes           Feast Upon Cactus Thorns - Feast Upon Cactus Thorns

WW-8 the FELLS "Amped" 11 song Tucson fuzz/punk/garage debut. Now signed to Estrus Records, but this release captures their less regimented lo-fi swagger. Fans of their Estrus release and various 7"s should definately check out the Fells in their prime. CD only 

Click To Buy at iTunes            The Fells - Amped

WW-6 FUZZ "Mass Indentity/Demigod" Tucson hardcore which should appeal to Quicksand/Helmet/Fugazi fans. Demigod was a huge hit in Tucson circa '93. 7"45

TXC-12 HICKOIDS "We're In It For the Corn" The first release from these crazy Austin Texas cow-punks. Features the legendary Jukebox on guitar. Proof that country/punk fusion doesnt have to be cheesy but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun. cass

TXC-19 HICKOIDS "Waltz-a-Cross-Dress-Texas" Totally insane! Features the songs "Queen of the BBQ", "Brand New Way" and "Toothpick Man" Unfortunately this was to be these crazy Texas Hillbillys last release. a classic from 1989 cass

WW-4 HICKOIDS "Hickoid Heaven" Almost complete (except for their out-of-print X-mas single) anthology of coolest cow-punk band ever. Includes the "Corn" and "Waltz" LPs along with the "Hard Corn" EP. 28 songs in all. CD only (look for auctions on  E-Bay)

BRR-3HICKOIDS "Hard Corn" blue-corn wax, on Budget Ranch Records feature the truckstop anthem "Driftwood 40-23". The last 4 songs to feature guitarist Jukebox. 7" EP

TXLP-21 HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES " Heat Miser" 2nd album from this great Iowa power-trio. Features "Big Bag of Dope" LP/cass

TXC-16 HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES "One Big Cake" Giant Power Rock debut from Iowa. Succinct dada approach to contemporary power trio dynamics. cass only

WW-1 HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES "I'm My Own Grandpa/2 Liter Man" pioneer from SST Joe Carducci produced this killer single. 5 songs on the CDEP version. Mandatory for any fan of true rock! 7" 45/CD5


TXLP-18 HULLABALOO "Beat Until Stiff" Hailing from the tame college rock town of Boston this debut "rolls like a big old tank truck fulla beer and piss taking a fast turn on the Alice Cooper Memorial Turnpike" Spin. The cassette has an exclusive bonus of AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie". LP/cass

TXLP-22 HULLABALOO "Dead Serious" If you think nudity shouldn't be outlawed, you may reconsider after seeing the cover of this album on German imported vinyl, scary stuff 12" EP/cass


TXCD-22/18 HULLABALOO "Dead Serious" CD combines "Beat Until Stiff" and "Dead Serious" for a seriously brain-damaged ride through the minds and body fluids of one twisted rock band. Incudes a cover of Deep Purple's "Highway Star" CD only

TXC-13/7 INBRED (th'INBRED) "Family Pack" Both LPs "A Family Affair" and "Kissin Cousins" on one handy cassette! Mutant WV jazzcore dudes. "Cross Capitol Punishment with Victims Family, Beefeater and Crucifucks and you'll see what this now defunct band was up to. Jazzy,snazzy, stop-on-a-dime delivery with matching intelligence" said MaximumRocknRoll's Tim Yohannon Cassette

TXLP-13 INBRED (th'INBRED) "Kissin Cousins" Paul Mahern of Zero Boys produced this their last effort. Thought to be out of print, but we found a box in our loft recently! Solid musicianship, lyrics with brains and cool sleeve artwork. What more could you ask for? LP

bobok-3 INSULIN REACTION "Whats the Point?" gothic LA duo, for fans of the Cure. Features two ex-Peace Corpse members. LP only

TXLP-14  TXLP-14 JESUS CHRYSLER "This Year's Saviour" Hardcore-pop hailing from the home of the A-bomb, Oak Ridge Tennessee. Clever, sarcastic lyrics, crafty songwriting. No wonder they were a hit with BBC's John Peel. LP/cass

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 7" EP (see auctions on E-Bay)

TOX-2 MODERN INDUSTRY "Man in Black" very early Toxic Shock EP, (the second release ever) CAL punk with Damned influences. 7" EP
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WW-9 MONDO GUANO "Deadwood/Theme from Return to the Fatherland" Weird Tucson absurdist-rock. Think Pussy Galore, Royal Trux. Features Bob Log before his started the spin-off duo, DOO RAG! 7" 45
Buy at iTunesJacknife

WW-14 RAW POWER"Live DVD and Reptile House"
Buy at iTunes Reptile



WW-3 RAW POWER "Screams from the Gutter/After Your Brain" their first two Toxic Shock LPs on one disc! 30 songs in all! "Screams from the Gutter"  was produced by ZERO BOY Paul Mahern in 1984, "After Your Brain" recorded in Italy 1985.

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TOX-006 RAW POWER "Wop Hour" 7" EP
4 songs recorded in 1985 by Paul Mahern, remastered in 2005 to include the bonus anthem "Fuck Authority" from the MRR Welcome to 1984 compilation. Now 5 songs not found on either CD!
Buy at iTunesWop

WW-13 RHYTHM PIGS "El Paso" West Texas legends who toured US/Europe exhaustively in the '80's and opened the doors in the process to American bands access to German beer! They released two classic LPs on the fledgling Mordam label in the mid '80's. This, their fourth album is a must-have for early Meat Puppets fans.  iTunes                Rhythm Pigs - El Paso

SR-003 SHELL SHOCK "More Gore" (R.I.P. Hatch) mid-80's New Orleans Louisiana HC metal splatter rock. (sale price) LP/cass

TXCD-15 SKIN YARD "Hallowed Ground" Seattle psycho-rock from 1989. fans of Soundgarden should check this powerful band out. (different) bonus cuts on each format cass/CD

T0X-9 SKIN YARD "Stranger/Lonely Place" great 1988 Toxic Shock debut single by Seattle Rock Gods! 7" 45 sale

bobok-4 SKINNER box "the Playhouse" Orchestral, flamboyent, dreamy and nightmarish from sometime Black Tape for a Blue Girl member Julianna Towns. Think Coil with female vocals. LP/cass/CD

 Buy at iTunes Skinnerbox - The Playhouse

bobok-5 SKINNER box "the Imaginary Heart of" More ethereo-camp, not for the squeamish. Limited purple wax on vinyl edition. LP/cass sale Buy at iTunes                                          Skinnerbox - The Imaginary Heart Of

bobok-1 SKINNERBOX s/t delirious debut from 1986 with Julianna Towns (ex-Peace Corpse) and Mark Erskine of SAVAGE REPUBLIC on some vocals cassette only

TOX-17 SLOPPY SECONDS "I Dont Wanna Be a Homosexual" b/w "Human Waste" 7" 45 Indianapolis pop/punk greats ode to homophobia from 1991. Pink vinyl edition, non-LP b-side!

TXC-23 TREEPEOPLE "Guilt Regret Embarassment" Seattle via Boise hardcore/rock legends captured in their pre- C/Z prime. Now reissued on K Records, but we have the original Toxic Shock cassettes while they last. cass only

WW-10 Various Artists V/A DECADE OF DISASTER "the Toxic Shock Years '83-93" anthology of ten years! 26 songs in 74 minutes. A good sampling of the labels withtracks by Decry, Peace Corpse, Red Tide, Massacre Guys, Sloppy Seconds, Raw Power and more! CD only

Buy at iTunesDecade

TOX-22 v/a "Noise from Nowhere #10 "The Last Roundup" Tucson punk/hardcore 1993 compilation and the very last Toxic Shock release. Earl's Family Bombers, ZeroToleranceTaskForce, FeastUponCactusThorns, and Opinion Zero. 7"EP

TOX-12 v/a "Noise from Nowhere #3" Cattle/What Went Wrong Tucson split headache with Al Perry's cowpunk band and the neurotic What Went Wrong. 7"EP

TOX-16 v/a "Noise from Nowhere #5 Green Magnet School/God's Acre" Boston's GMS (check out their Sub Pop LP) meets Chicago's Mudhoney influenced God's Acre, who's LP on Wax Trax is the sole non-techno release on that label.. Very reminescent of 1990. Extremely limited quantities left! 7"EP

TOX-18 v/a "Noise from Nowhere #6" Treepeople/House of Large Sizes Seattle quartet meets Iowa trio. Extremely limited quantities left! 7"EP (see auctions on E-Bay)

TOX-19 v/a "Noise from Nowhere #7" Bhang Revival/Hullabaloo hard rockin' gals from Chicago meet those insane guys from Boston in a fight to the finish 7"EP Buy at iTunes

TOX-20 v/a "Noise from Nowhere #8" Rancid Hell Spawn/the Fells London's one-man nightmare-pop meets Tucson's garage/surf/fuzz lo-fi kingpins. Extremely limited quantities left! 7"EP

TOX-21 v/a Noise from Nowhere #9 Mondo Guano/Slo Deluxe 2 of Tucson's oddest noise purveyors. Mondo Guano captured live at Toxic Ranch while Slo-Deluxe reinterpret a Hank Williams song with a heavy handed SWANS approach. 7"EP sale

WW-2 v/a "Yeah, But It's a Dry Heat" a thick slice of Tucson AZ punk/experimental music scene circa 1993. Fells,FUCT,Al Perry,Earl's Family Bombers, Bloodspasm, Mondo Guano,Fuzz, Skinnerbox and many more. What do we got? We've got cactus! bonus 7" featuring DOO RAG w. vinyl only,> chumps! LP/CD

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 ZERO BOYS "Vicious Circle" classic speed/punk from 80's Indianapolis. As Tim Yohannon of MRR said "Originally released in '82, the singing and playing still outdoes most anything that's happened since" cass only


BR  R-1 ZIMBO CHIMPS "In A Cave/Inca Vacation" fun tribal rap and travelogue with Mark Erskine of Savage Republic and ex-members of Peace Corpse. 7" 45Buy at iTunes           Zimbo